First of all, we would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by COVID-19, and we would like to express our sincere respect and gratitude to everyone who is still engaged in preventing the spread of infection.

The 25th event, which was supposed to be held in February 2021, was gotten ready with the highest priority given to ensuring the safety of all visitors, including measures to prevent the spread of infection. However, due to the spread of the infection, which seems to be uncertain, and various new measures and restrictions, there was a high risk that we will not be able to provide sufficient content as a show that will satisfy everyone. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the exhibitors and other supporting organizations that have already applied.

In 2025, OSAKA-KANSAI EXPO is scheduled to be held in Kansai. "Osaka Automesse," which started in 1997(heisei9) and became the largest motor show in the Kansai region, has begun preparations for the 2022 event so that it will be of some help to the development of the Kansai economy and the automobile-related industry. We are determined to work with all exhibitors to create new styles that can respond to changes in the environment surrounding automobiles, including the realization of carbon neutrality. We appreciate your understanding of the purpose of the event, and we ask for your support and cooperation.


Exhibition Title 25th OSAKA AUTOMESSE 2021
Exhibition Schedule
  • February 11 - 13 (Fri. Sat. Sun.), 2022
Exhibition Time
  • 9:00am - 6:00pm(The first day from 9:00am to 1:00pm is "Silent Time")
    "Silent Time" is a time zone when PR with audio equipment has refrained.
Event Producer Automesse Association
Sponsors Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry ; Osaka Prefecture ; Osaka City ; Osaka Chamber of Commerce ; Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau ; NAPAC (ASEA/JAWA) ; JASMA (The Japan Automotive Sports Muffler Association) ; APARA (Auto-Parts and Accessories Retail Association) ; Osaka International Business Promotion Center ; Kotsu Times Sha Co.,Ltd. ; EAGLE Co., Ltd.
Special Assist GTA Co., Ltd. / FM802 / JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) / JGSDF (Japan Ground Self-Defense Force)
  • Exhibition and sales of auto dress-up and tuning products and services
  • Exhibition of cars that have been dressed-up and tuned
  • Exhibition and sales of related products such as car goods, chemicals, and accessories
  • Exhibition and sales of car audio products
  • Exhibition and sales of hobby and game-related products and services
  • Exhibition and sales of miscellaneous auto parts and services
株式会社交通タイムス社 大阪支社
〒553-0003 大阪府大阪市福島区福島5-17-21池田ビル6階
電話:06-6458-0300 FAX:06-6458-3199

株式会社交通タイムス社 東京本社
〒101-0054 東京都千代田区神田錦町3-13-7 名古路ビル本館 8階
電話:03-6803-3981 FAX:03-6803-3994

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