The Osaka Automesse is one of the biggest auto shows in Kansai area, focusing car and its customization. Initially it was about one-third of current scale when it was held in 1997. Now, we will have the 23rd show, and it grew up to this scale. We would like to thank all of you for your continuous efforts, your understanding and your cooperation.

As previously mentioned, the first Osaka Automesse was held in 1997. 1997 is the year that Toyota Prius was introduced as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Prius wasn’t considered as a target of customization at that time. Prius was marketed as the world’s first eco-friendly car, but now it is the fourth generation and is perfect for customization since it has a good selection of auto parts. Lately the 100% electric car such as Nissan Leaf and Tesla are seen in the street. The technological innovation such as batteries globally encourages the motorization of cars, and we can’t wait to have custom car models based on the electric cars.

On the other hands, the cars of 80’s and 90’s are more refined as heritage cars. It may be a new trend to have users who remember the good old days of cars. It's no exaggeration to say that cars, users and customization are closely related each other, and have been changing with the time.

Japan is going to have an impact of depopulation and aging population combined with declining birthrate. Looking outside of Japan, Asia, especially Southeast Asia, has achieved remarkable economic growth in recent years. Thailand and Indonesia, associated to Osaka Automesse, have achieved economic development which can be period of economic growth, and a lot of Japanese cars can be seen in their town. The organizers related to the motor show representing Thailand and Indonesia visited last motor show.

Diversification of values and market trends are not completely unrelated to automobiles and auto customization industry. We constantly strive to continue our activities that cover not only Japan but also overseas.

We appreciate your understanding of the intent of having Osaka Automesse, your support and your cooperation.

Kunio Joichi
Executive Committee Chairman, Osaka Automesse


Exhibition Title Osaka Automesse 2019
Exhibition Schedule
  • February 9–11 (Sat. thru Mon.), 2019
Exhibition Time
  • 9:00〜18:00
Admission Charge ¥2,700 at the gate (¥2,100 in advance)
Middle school students and younger admitted free
People with disabilities admitted free
Advance Ticket Sales Scheduled to begin in November, 2018
Event Producer Automesse Association
Sponsors Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry ; Osaka Prefecture ; Osaka City ; Osaka Chamber of Commerce ; NAPAC (ASEA/JAWA) ; JASMA (The Japan Automotive Sports Muffler Association) ; APARA (Auto-Parts and Accessories Retail Association) ; Kotsu Times Sha Co.,Ltd. ; EAGLE Co., Ltd.
  • Exhibition and sales of auto dress-up and tuning products and services
  • Exhibition of cars that have been dressed-up and tuned
  • Exhibition and sales of related products such as car goods, chemicals, and accessories
  • Exhibition and sales of car audio products
  • Exhibition and sales of hobby and game-related products and services
  • Exhibition and sales of miscellaneous auto parts and services
株式会社交通タイムス社 大阪事業所
〒553-8588 大阪府大阪市福島区福島4-8-5
電話:06-6458-0300 FAX:06-6458-3199

株式会社交通タイムス社 東京本社
〒113-8524 東京都文京区本郷1-24-1ユニゾ本郷一丁目ビル3階
電話:03-5805-0161 FAX:03-5805-0172

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  • 「大阪オートメッセ2019」出展案内書


  • 「大阪オートメッセ2018」実施報告書



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